Sunday, June 13, 2010

Into the West

When I started this blog, my very first post was about a mythological Irish horse named Enbarr. The amazing Enbarr not only possessed the talent of indestructibility, he could run across earth and sea without touching ground or water. Enbarr came from a land called Tir na nOg (Land of Youth). In 1992 a movie was made called Into the West , about two Irish traveller boys and a mysterious horse called Tir na nOg. The boys, running wild since the death of their mother, keep the horse in their father's apartment until it's stolen by a shady horse dealer. After snatching Tir na nOg back, they go on a journey across Ireland where it soon becomes clear the horse has an agenda of its own.

I remember watching this movie years ago and enjoying it a great deal. Though I don't recall all the details, I do remember the boys putting Tir na nOg in the service elevator and leading him into their father's apartment. Since I believe the movie is still available to rent, I recommend finding and watching it if you can. The movie has a very interesting ending.

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  1. I have never heard of this movie, but I will be on the lookout. I am disgusted that I don't know a horse theme movie... tsk on myself.