Sunday, May 23, 2010


Enbarr is a horse in Irish mythology whose name means imagination. He belonged to Niamh, the Queen of Tir na nOg (Land of Youth) and daughter of Manannan (God of the Sea). Enbarr could run across sea and land without touching water or ground. In addition, he could not be killed by man or god. There is a story about Niamh and Enbarr. Once, Niamh asked Fionn mac Cumhail if his son Oisin (a mortal) could travel with her to Tir na nOg. Oisin, being a good son, said he would return home soon. After living three years in Tir na nOg, Oisin became homesick. Borrowing Enbarr with the promise to not get off the horse or touch Irish soil, he set off to find his family. Upon reaching home, he discovered three years in Tir na nOg equaled three hundred in his own land, and sadly his family was dead. Travelling through Ireland, he came across workman laboring to move a boulder. Trying to help while riding Enbarr, Oisin fell to the ground and instantly became an old man. Niamh, who since had a daughter named Plor na nBan, returned to Ireland to find the missing Oisin. She found him gone.


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  1. Enbarr was an air horse? So basically you rode him without any jarring through any terrain. You also would avoid mud and water splashing. I want an Enbarr. He would be so much easier to groom than Pegasus. Who wants to deal with all those feathers.